Femke Hiemstra was born in 1974, in Zaandam, The Netherlands. As a kid she wanted to be a veterinarian and also loved to draw animals. When she found out one sometimes had to operate on animals in order to heal them, her ambitions as a vet quickly vanished and she stuck to drawing. Animals and nature remain a great influence on her work to this day. She also gets her inspiration from old packages with fine (hand drawn) typography, firework wrappers, tattoo's, vintage Disney stuff, animations, super hero movies, comic books, Japanese woodprints, old encyclopedias, vintage Little Golden Books, old (tin toy) collectables, the art of Max Ernst and the beautiful skull drawings of J.G. Posada.
For the past nine years she has worked mainly as an illustrator, making images on demand. Wanting to expand the range of her work, and after participating in MF Gallery’s 2006 “GIRLS!” group show, she began showing in galleries across the US and quickly gained popularity as a rising star in the underground art world.
Along with a few older works, Femke will be presenting a brand new series called “Heat Wave”. Seven high quality very limited edition prints will be show alongside the original drawings used to create them. The subjects range from skinny-dipping to BBQ’s and serenades, and they all feature her colorful and fantastical characters.


Cecilia Granata is a recent graduate of SVA in Manhattan. She was born in 1983 in Verona, Italy, and grew up in the “shapeless environment” of Milan.
Music represented a dominant element in the definition of her lifestyle. Her creative influences also include philosophy, for the rational process in the development of narrative; horror movies and romantic literature for the painful rendering of beauty; expressionism for the violence of its statement; comics and cartoons for the silly look that doesn't take itself too seriously and vegan treats for the managing of mental sanity through the day. Her work can be defined as the “byproduct of an overexcited brain sitting uncomfortably in a black skull”.
Along with several new paintings of cupcakes and monsters, she will be showing her “Cat” series based on a combination between the visual content derived from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, (Plus the cinematographic translations of it.) and the popular “cheesy kittens” calendar imagery.


Martina Secondo is a painter and also the co-owner of MF Gallery. She was born in Genoa, Italy in 1980, but has lived in New York City for most of her life. After attending CalArts in Los Angeles, she and her husband Frank returned to New York City in 2003 with the desire to open a space that showed Underground Pop Art, something the city was lacking at the time.
Her work is influenced by horror movies, punk rock and heavy metal iconography, tattoo art, toys, true crime tales, pinup art, cartoons, and religious renaissance art.
For this show, she has created a new series based on old tattoo photographs. She chooses images mostly from the 60’s and 70’s because of the teased-out hairdo’s and old style tattoos. Rendered with oils on wood, these are portraits of strangers; mostly women with heavily tattooed chests, depicted in bright vivid colors. These people’s bodies, (Wherever they may be at this time.) are art, and this is what inspired Martina to create these paintings from their likeness.