“HARDCORE Art & Music Show” a.k.a. “Into The Shit Abyss V1”


Get ready for an abominable union between the most controversial visual and electronic music artists!!


These are the people who have, will, and are pushing the limits of sights and sounds. Arguably the most visually intense and challenging underground art currently being made today is paired up with legends of the NYC hard electronic music scene, along with the best new and innovative musical talents.

This event will be filmed and live streamed. It will be visually stunning not only with extreme lush art from established underground artists but also with lights, lasers, and projected visuals. We hope you will help us overwhelm the senses by expressing your artistic freedom in your dress and demeanor!

This event will take place on Saturday April 13th from 6pm to 10pm at MF Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Admission is a suggested donation of $7 and is open to ages 18+, 21+ to drink. This is an EARLY show to warm up your freak flag before you spend the rest of your night making bad decisions, so seriously! Get here at 6pm! You will regret it if you don't (and if you do)....


Montyill is a hardcore artist and 2-time felon from the hills of Northern Missouri. His work is like Frazetta and John Waters had a baby and it was raised by a Catholic priest (wink wink).
He has done shows across the US and has been invited to shows in Europe and Asia but never does them because they are, "...really far away."
His turn-ons include, drugs, music, drugs, sex, drugs, dogs, art, hardcore, bloody revolts, and drugs.
Turn offs are jail, the government, anything with the word "occupy" in it, religious bullshit and passed out fat people who fart on his couch while he's trying to write his bio.
"...really interesting, reminds me a bit of the etchings of Gustave Doré, the 19th century artist who illustrated the Divine Comedy, The Bible, Pilgrim's Progress, and other light reading." Over & Out." - Winston Smith

Lou Rusconi is an underground artist with a macabre aesthetic and a talent for extreme gore. Bright colors punctuate the darkness of his subject matter and celebrate the boundaries of normal taste levels which he constantly attacks. Lou's vivid imagination and powerful compositions have made him a favorite amongst certain music circles and his artwork has graced album covers and merchandise from the likes of Mortician, Necrophagia, The Murder Junkies, Giallos Flames, Skinless, Cardiac Arrest, Cattle Decapitation, Coffins, Mixmatosis, Hocico, Regurgitate, and many more.

Ilaria “ Ila Pop” Novelli is an Italian multi-disciplinary artist, she uses different media from oil painting to digital techniques to recreate her dollesque and disturbing personal universe. A cruel world inhabited by willowy and doe-eyed figures who exchange roles from victim to perpetrator in a constant play that depicts classical and modern art compositions, songs lyrics and characters from underground literature and cinema. A private mythology and language that becomes universal and forces the viewers to a critical analysis of the cultural and social values that the modern human condition is offering to the new and old generations.

Jen Lightfoot's erotic, grotesque, and surreal drawings are heavily influenced by pinup art, punk rock, and horror films.
She received her MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2013, and she received her BFA in Illustration from Moore College of Art and Design in 2007.
She has shown her work at galleries internationally, including Gristle Art Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), The Dark Art Emporium (Long Beach, CA), and Penumbra Art Boutique and Studio (Loures, Portugal).

LENNY DEE (music)
Lenny's first residency was at the local roller disco Roll-A-Palace in Brooklyn NY at the age of 17 and he has played all over the world at parties such as EDC (Vegas), Tomorrowland, MayDay, Love Parade, Woodstock, Thunderdome, the Jane's Addiction Reunion tour & the list goes on.
It's no wonder he was the first Hardcore DJ to appear on the ‘DJ Mag - Top 100’ and was previously named No 1 'Hard DJ' by Mixmag.
Lenny Dee founded Industrial Strength in 1991 (‘The 1st Hardcore label in the world’) and has written and produced on labels such as Nu Groove, Warner Bros, Strictly Rhythm, R&S, Defected, Rotterdam Records, various singles on the Stay Up Forever Collective and currently has a track on PS2s Grand Theft Auto' (as "Fallout'). Come and see one of the earliest creators of Hardcore - Mr. Lenny Dee

Satronica is an American Industrial Hardcore producer and DJ.
He has performed at the largest events in Canada, The United States, South America, and Europe spinning and performing a brutal mix of dark and deranged selections. These events include parties such as Thunderdome, Radikal Styles, Dominator, Q-Base, Masters of Hardcore, Coloursfest, WestFest, Kinetik Festival, PRSPCT XL, and E-Mission.
His song with Unexist, Fuck The System, is considered one of the top most recognizable hardcore songs of all time.
His sets are insane and legendary. Whether it's 100 people or 20k he brings his all to every event. Come witness the madness.

Destined to devastate, Kilbourne’s singular interpretation of hardcore draws from her background in industrial and club music.
Her DJ sets showcase an unrelenting drive and spontaneous selection, and she has toured widely across North America and Europe at venues such as Berghain, Unter, and Tresor.
2018 marked her debut release Evnika, an industrial hardcore slammer on Ophidian’s Meta4 Recordings.

On a rainy fateful night in 1987, international hip-hop star Kurt Cobain killed shot himself in the face. Before anyone discovered the body, a young hooker broke into his house and extracted a syringe full of his semen like she was the Re-animator. She quickly ran back to her sorority house and, in an erotic voodoo drug ritual, co-eds took turns shooting it into their testicles while listening to anti-social rock music (it was pretty hot, their boobs were out and stuff).
The next day, they woke up with a newborn baby. Maybe they birthed it, maybe they stole it. Hell, maybe there wasn't even a baby at all, WHO GIVES A SHIT! They named that baby SCREAMERCLAUZ and taught him how to make electronic music with a fork and an AC socket.
Now, six years later our hero is 14 1/2 years old and has honed his electrical socket art into drilling speedcore industrial beats and colorful cartoons that resemble what Gumby thinks about while he's jerking off with a belt around his neck. He's ready to get his rock star revenge on Seattle to honor his dead dad Dave Grohl, but Brooklyn is closer so he's going there instead so stop being a dick and just go already! For fuck's sake!

Doom Mekanik is a concept project from veteran producers Satronica & Narc inspired by the darkest techno sounds from bygone eras.
The darkness marches forth from the depths of the New York City underground. Their sound summons the empty forlorn soul of doomcore with the grating klangs of industrial techno.
Their first two releases both climbed into the #1 spots on the hard techno charts on Beatport and have been filling rooms with dancy despair ever since.
Get ready to enter the void...