"INTO THE SHIT AGAIN!" ... ... ... ... january 25 - february 28, 2020












Into The Sh*t Again” at MF Gallery

Once again we delve into the depths of insanity and beyond with 8 of today's greatest living artists!

Last year, MF Gallery and montyill curated a Hardcore Art & Music Fest that shoved boundaries in a combined act of expression and defiance... For the first show of the new decade, we collide again in an even bigger explosion of subversive art and mind bending electronic music!

Featuring visual art by: Indie Matharu, Rachel Danielle Levine, Ila Pop, Lou Rusconi, Jen Lightfoot, RF Pangborn, Martina Secondo Russo, montyill; and an electronic music soundtrack by Satronica.

The opening party, on Saturday January 25th from 7 to 10pm will feature exclusive all original music by the Hardcore Electronic music legend Satronica, and will be a chance to meet some of the artists in person. Admission is free and open to all ages, and refreshments will be served.

After opening night, the show will be viewable by appointment only.

Email info@MFgallery.net or call/text 917-446-8681 to schedule a visit.


INDIE "INDIEM" MATHARU is a London based artist primarily working with graphite, markers, and coloured pencil. Her pieces visually reflect the personality and soul of the character she composes.

RACHEL DANIELLE LEVINE composes oil paintings exploring otherworldly interpretations of the human face and figure. In the style of dark surrealism, she focuses on and explores the darker aspects of the psyche and the soul in muted tones with a deepened palate.

ILARIA “ILA POP” NOVELLI is an Italian multidisciplinary artist, she uses different media from oil painting to digital techniques to recreate her dollesque and disturbing personal universe.

LOU RUSCONI is a crazed California native who sleeps with a knife under his pillow and a gun in his hand. His art is derived from feverish dreams in the time he is allowed to sleep.

JEN LIGHTFOOT's art, which is heavily influenced by pinup art, punk rock, and horror films, incorporates erotica, horror, and fantasy and explores the boundaries between the beautiful and the grotesque.

RF PANGBORN resumed painting in his early 40's, after a 25 year hiatus. He believes "Accumulated negative life experiences build up like toxins in the blood. They will slowly poison you. You sweat out all that poison a few times a week and you notice you are sleeping like a baby every night.”

MARTINA SECONDO RUSSO was born in Genova, Italy but grew up in NYC, where she still lives and works. Her abject art focuses on pop-culture trends of tattoos, pin-ups and horror, often mixing the genres to create a dystopian look on life.

MONTYILL is an illustrator who uses cuts and blood as a graphic element in his work. From the hills of North Missouri, he'll kick your ass so much you'll start to like it...

SATRONICA is one of the most beloved purveyors of the underground American hardcore sound. He has performed at the largest events around the world, spinning or performing live a brutal mix of dark and deranged selections. His song with Unexist, Fuck The System, is considered one of the most recognizable hardcore electronic songs of all time.