Martina Secondo Russo's TATTOOED LIMBS

All Limbs are "Life Size" painted with acrylic and enamel on hand cut plywood. Please email to purchase or to place an order for a custom limb.

"Tattooed Hand (Skull & Rose)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Hand (Old Skull)" SOLD


"Tattooed Foot (Mermaid & Ship)"

"Tattooed Arm (Whales)"


"Tattooed Foot (Moth)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Hand (Succubus)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Hand (Devil 2)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Hand (Home)" SOLD

"Tattooed Hand (Marilyn)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Hand (Ratt Fink)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Hands (Kiss- set of 4)" AVAILABLE


"Tattooed Foot (Birds)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Hand (Cowgirl)" AVAILABLE
"Tattooed Hand (Cowboy Skull)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Arm (Baby Skeleton 2)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Leg (GIrls and Snake)" SOLD

"Tattooed Arm (Baby Skeleton 1)" SOLD

"Tattooed Hand (Baby Skull)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Hand (Serpents)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Leg (Baby Skeleton)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Arm (Pirates 2)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Fist (Reaper)" AVAILABLE


"Tattooed Hand (Halloween Skull)" SOLD

"Tattooed Hand (Devil)" SOLD

"Tattooed Hand (Pirate Ship)" AVAILABLE


"Tattooed Foot (Skull, Snake & Eagle)" SOLD

"Tattooed Arm (Siamese Pirates)" SOLD

"Tattooed Foot (Snake & Dagger)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Foot (Mermaid 2)" SOLD

"Tattooed Hand (Live Free)" SOLD


"Tattooed Foot (Woman)" SOLD

"Tattooed Arm (Pirates)" SOLD

"Tattooed Hand (Pirate)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Hand (Halloween)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Leg (Sea Theme 2)" SOLD


"Tattooed Arm (Terror)" SOLD

"Tattooed Leg (Skulls)" SOLD


"Tattooed Foot (Reaper)" AVAILABLE


"Tattooed Hand (Anchor)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Foot (Sailor Girl)" AVAILABLE


"Tattooed Hand (Reaper)" AVAILABLE


"Tattooed Finger (#1)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Foot (Eagle)" SOLD



"Tattooed Finger (#2)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Leg (Halloween)" SOLD


"Tattooed Arm (Halloween)" SOLD

"Tattooed Hand (Skull)" SOLD


"Tattooed Foot (Halloween)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Hand (Sailor's Grave)" AVAILABLE



"Tattooed Arm (Roses)" SOLD

"Tattooed Arm (Devil Lady)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Arm (Skulls)" SOLD


"Tattooed Foot (Snake and Woman)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Hand (Halloween)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Arm (Snake Ladies)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Hand (Skull)" SOLD

"Tattooed Foot (Mermaid)" AVAILABLE



"Tattooed Hands (Carnival)" SOLD


"Tattooed Hand (Halloween)" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Leg (Sea Theme)" SOLD

"Tattooed Torso" SOLD



"Tattooed Arm (Snake Lady)" SOLD


"Tattooed Hand (Live Fast)" SOLD


"Tattooed Hand (Couple)" AVAILABLE

"The Amazing Tattooed Lady 1" SOLD

"The Amazing Tattooed Lady 2" AVAILABLE

"The Amazing Tattooed Lady 3" AVAILABLE

"The Amazing Tattooed Lady 4" AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Baby 1" AVAILABLE



"Tattooed Angel " AVAILABLE

"Tattooed Baby- Halloween" SOLD