MF Gallery is proud to present a new 3-person show featuring ANGIE MASON, MATTHEW PLEVA and HEATHER GARGON.

The show includes drawings, paintings, sculptures, prints and handmade jewelry, as well as a special $1 vending machine of stickers, buttons and even original artwork!

The show will be open by appointment until the end of July, 2014. The artwork can also be viewed and purchased online. Contact Martina Secondo Russo at (917)446-8681 or for appointments to visit the gallery, or for more information.

MF Gallery is located at 213 Bond Street, between Butler and Baltic Streets in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn. Take the F or G to Bergen St., the A or C to Hoyt/Schermerhorn, or the R to Union.


ANGIE MASON’s “Botanicuties” is a collection of character driven artworks inspired by nature, old botanical illustrations and cartoon-fused dream characters. During a bitter winter, the Botanicuties grew from a seedling thought to a full bloom cast of characters. Angie created these floral friends partly as a refuge from the frigid cold days and harsh brutally frozen nights. This garden of characters was grown out of the artist’s love and longing for spring time specimens in her own garden. Through the use of vibrant colors and delicate controlled brush strokes the artist blends watercolor, pencil and acrylic/oil paint to create her imaginative botanical menagerie.

MATTHEW PLEVA‘s pen and ink cross-hatched pieces are a descent into a world of minutia and patience. Along with intricately detailed drawings, he creates dioramas inside found objects such as pocket watches, earrings, and cigar boxes. By breaking down his illustrations into separate layers, he plays with the depth and focus of the composition, giving them new dimension. The containers of the dioramas are an integral part of the process, many times dictating what the theme of the piece will be. Matthew is fascinated by the idea of having something so precious being hidden inside of something that is already precious itself; and he loves witnessing the viewer’s surprise as they open a old pill box or a pocket watch, discovering a miniature treasure inside.

HEATHER GARGON’s vast assortment of works include melancholy illustrations, youthfully designed puppets and cleverly imagineered installations. Her whimsical creatures could easily be understood by any child’s open mind, but Gargon is on a relentless mission to reach the youthful heart that beats in every adult. The complicated mixture of wide-eyed innocence, bittersweet heartache and witty humor that resides in all of her pieces is sure to entertain and delight viewers of all ages.