"Reverend Jen: Best Mid-Career Survey Ever!"

Opening by appointment until February 14th.

Film Screening, Jan 20th, 7pm ($5)





Call (917)446-8681 or email info@MFgallery.net for appointments or to purchase art

“The Island” acrylic on canvas (30”x42”) $3000

“Doo Doo Loves Tinky Winky” acrylic on canvas (24”x30”) N.F.S.

“Satan Hold My Hand” collage, mixed media (24”x36”) $200
“Black Rainbow” acrylic on canvas (24”x18”) $125

“Peeps Eater” acrylic on canvas (30”x42”) $200

“Girl Also With A Pearl Earring” acrylic on canvas (12”x12”) $650

“Oui” acrylic on canvas (8”x10”) $250

“Off To Sea” acrylic on canvas (18”x24”) $700

“Off To The Races” acrylic on canvas (12”x16”) $300

“Naked Troll” acrylic on canvas (16”x20”) $120

“My Heart” acrylic on canvas (12”x9”) $300

“The Morragain” acrylic on canvas (18”x24”) $600

“Sailor Boy” acrylic on canvas (23”x29”) $250

“JJ's” acrylic on cardboard boxes (various sizes) $30 each

“Into The Lake” acrylic on board (17"x11" N.F.S.

“The Sorcerer” acrylic on canvas (20”x16”) N.F.S.

“Untitled” acrylic on canvas (11”x14”) N.F.S.

“Mangina And Sprout” acrylic on canvas (22”x28”) $600

“I Love Trolls / I Love Rev Jen” acrylic on canvas (20”x16”) $250

“I Want Candy” acrylic on canvas (24”x34”) $200

“A Real Ghoul Time” acrylic on canvas (16”x20”) $400

“Groovee” acrylic on canvas (24”x30”) $350

“Congrats, Everyone Dies!” collage, mixed media on canvas (30”x42”) $350

“Ban Homework” acrylic on canvas (24”x30”) $350

“Magical Elf Panties” acrylic on canvas (16”x20”) $250

“Give To The Ear Enhancement Fund” acrylic on canvas (24”x18”) $250

“One Eye Open” acrylic on canvas (12”x12”) N.F.S.

"ASS" mixed media drawing on watercolor paper (10"x8") $50

"Troll 1" ink on newsprint (18"x24") $50

"Troll 2" ink on newsprint (18"x24") $50

“Wishnick Family” acrylic on canvas (20”x16”) N.F.S.

“Untitled” acrylic on canvas (16”x20”) N.F.S.

“Troll Types” acrylic on canvas (30”x42”) $600


Let's face it: A lot of art shows suck! Not Reverend Jen's Mid-Career Survey! As the title suggests, it's going to be the "Best Mid-Career Survey Ever!" Reverend, a multimedia artist and downtown "It Elf", who was born in Middle Earth, Maryland, circa 72 B.C., has worn many hats. An ordained Reverend, she is also a published author, painter, screenwriter, director, underground movie star, open mic host and founder of "Art Star Scene Studios" (A.S.S.), the most underfunded Motion Picture Studio on earth. For 16 years, she presided over the "Lower East Side Troll Museum", which she ran out of her tiny apartment. Because the only thing Rev. isn't good at is making money, she and her 600 Trolls were evicted last year.

But not to worry…Rev. Jen is making a comeback and many of her Trolls along with her paintings, 'zines and merch will be on display at this most groovy event. There will be a little something for every consumer, from high-end paintings to lower-priced items such as, t-shirts, customized Trolls, buttons and "Trolloptics", a new line of Troll-themed sunglasses handcrafted by Rev. It's never too early to start shopping for Professional Secretaries' Day! Don't miss the opening, which like the show, will be "the best ever", featuring live performances (TBA), elf go-go dancers, audio tours and more!

And, there's more! The following Saturday, there will be a Double Creature Feature Show where ASS Studios' "Satan, Hold My Hand" and "Werewolf Bitches from Outer Space" will be screened. Get yer popcorn and bring a date!

While attendance is not mandatory, it is not to be missed!

MF Gallery is located at 213 Bond Street, between Baltic and Butler Streets in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn. Take the F or G to Bergen St., the A or C to Hoyt/ Schermerhorn, or the R to Union.

After opening night, the show will be open by appointment until February 14th.

The artwork can also be viewed and purchased online at: www.MFgallery.net

Email info@MFgallery.net or call (917)446-8681 to schedule a visit or for any other inquiries