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“Lil MF's”
Plastic, Fur, Fabric $40 each ............ “Monster Friend” Plastic, Fur, Fabric, Chain $300

“Mutant Fillies”
Plastic, Fur, Fabric $40 ... “Tortured Trevor 1 & 2” Screen Print, Fabric, Fur $100 each
“Skeleton Baby Beanie”
Screenprint, Fabric $50
... “Spook Houses” Plastic $5 ... “Siamese Twin Baby” Screenprint, Fabric $15

“Monster Faces Dolls- Mush Face, El Diablo, Demon Ghoul
Plastic, Fur, Fabric, Enamel $95 each or $250 for the set
* FREE "Monster Faces" Trading Cards with purchase *

"Mecronos Plush"
Screen Print on Felt with Faux Fur