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JOE SIMKO is a custom artist/cartoonist based in New York. He works with local and national rock bands, (Such as Murphy’s Law, GWAR, Trivium, Sonic Youth, and many others.) providing designs for albums, t-shirts, and tour posters. In 2006, he was the official illustrator for the largest traveling alternative punk rock music festival, the Vans Warped Tour. Currently Simko is the sole art manager/designer for Japan’s yearly large-scale rock music festival, Magma.

Simko's art is composed of a few very distinct styles. His paintings can be best described as a stylized blend of bright Saturday morning cartoon form meshed with twistedly eccentric subject matters. His earlier works included laboriously detailed abstract expressionist brush and ink works, and some of his work takes on a more traditional pen and ink indie comic book style. Often hiding subliminal undertones throughout his pieces, there is always something new to notice upon multiple viewing of Simko’s artwork.

Simko has illustration work printed in Spin Magazine, Revolver Magazine, Alternative Press, Skinnie Magazine, and has been published in such books as The Art of Modern Rock, AOMR mini A-Z, The Art of Electric Frankenstein, Roller Derby Art, EF Poster Book Vol. 1, and A Fistfull of Rock and Roll. Articles reviewing his work have appeared in AP Magazine, Skinnie Magazine, Blood and Thunder, and the NY Waste. He is currently involved with Topps creating art for the new Garbage Pail Kids Flasback series (launching Feb. 2010) and art for an all new Wacky Packages series.

Schiffer Books will be publishing Simko’s first suspiciously twisted and slightly dark edged children’s book aptly entitled “The Sweet Rot” for national distribution in Spring of 2010. The book is written and illustrated by Simko himself.



Published Work

The Sweet Rot (Author/Illustrator) - Schiffer Books - Spring 2010

New EF Poster book vol. 1 - January 2009

In Sunlight and in Shadow - 2009

Revolver Magazine - September 2008

Doll Magazine - June 2007

Revolver Magazine - March 2007

Roller Derby Art - Schiffer Books

AOMR mini A-Z. Chronicle Books

The Art of Modern Rock - Chronicle Books

Skinnie Magazine - November 2006

Stephen Baldwin’s “Spirit Warriors” Graphic Novel

Series (Co-creator/Penciler) - B&H Books

Blood and Thunder Magazine - Fall 2006

Spin Magazine - June 2006

Swank Magazine - April 2004

The Art of Electric Frankenstein - Dark Horse - February 2004

New York Press - Summer 1999

Press / Articles

New York Waste - Oct. 2009

Alternative Press Magazine - May 2009

Skinnie Magazine - April 2007

Blood and Thunder Magazine - Winter 2006

The Tennesean Newspaper

Print Critic Review

Time Out NY Magazine

New York Waste

Artwork for Rock Music Festivals

MAGMA - 2007-current

Warped Tour - 2006

Superbowl of Hardcore - 2006, 2007, 2008

Medusa Festival - 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006